Vision statement :

Da Orta Educational Center:

The center shall work to achieve the following objectives

  1. To establish Israeli House in the State of Goa. The place where the information on nation of Israel, its Culture, heritage, Art, Technology, business opportunities, Tourism etc. will be disseminated,
  2. Acknowledgement of the atrocities done to the Jews during the Portuguese regime, and an apology to be sought from the Portuguese Government for the Inquisition of Goa.
  3. To work towards the change in the Curriculum in Schools of the history of Goa, acknowledging a Pre-Portuguese era of Jewish settlement in Goa
  4. To establish a Jewish heritage Museum for Inquisition memorial in the state of Goa to remember the Jews who lived here.



  1. Law of Return by Portuguese Government. To acknowledge the fact of atrocities done to the Jewish community in Portugal and apologizing.
  2. Chancellor of West Germany Willy Brandt during the state visit to Poland in December 1970 coincided with a commemoration to the Jewish victims of the Warsaw Ghetto, apologized for the holocaust

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